About Us

"Greenville Equity Marketing Sessions has an insatiable desire to get the deal done!"

G.E.M.S.  is a Real Estate Exchange Counseling into a Networking Organization for the Mutual Benefit of the Members and Their Clients and:

  • To disseminate through educational programs information relative to real estate in general and exchanging in particular;
  • To promote education and professionalism in the specialty of exchanging and exchange counseling;
  • To assist members with creative solutions to real estate problems;
  • To create an atmosphere of cooperation and sharing of ideas;
  • To provide technical assistance to its members;
  • To create a forum to expose properties to a larger, more active market place;
  • To create an organization whose members subscribe to the philosophy that; Working with people is more important than working with property. Giving of oneself is essential and that if this giving is done willingly and sincerely the best interests of clients and members will be served.